Claudia Rios Photography


Well, hello! Welcome to the online home of Claudia Rios Photography!  Capturing unique and intimate moments at weddings is one of my biggest dreams.  I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, huge supporter, best friend and amazing dad to my three kids for 20 years. I know how valuable it is to keep precious memories and have a way to revisit them later.

Here are some fun facts about me..

  • I have lived by the ocean most of my life, therefore, I  believe salt water just about cures everything.
  • I think one key to a happy marriage is forgiveness.
  • I heard that there are 5 love languages and I think I speak them all.
  • I think God has the most amazing sense of humor.  I also I believe He is the architect, designer and creator in the galaxy.
  • The sound of tree leaves are smoothing to my soul and the sound of waterfalls relax for my spirit.
  • I think that coffee and tea-times should be mandatory breaks in every corporation in America.
  • I think that sea shells are ocean treasures.
  • One of my dreams is to photograph a wedding in France. My second dream is to find gold coins from a pirate ship.
  • I always wish time would slow down a little.
  • I love sailboats
  • Late 80’s and 90’s music are the best!
  • I think Florida is one of the best states in the US.
  • I think nature is God’s gift to human beings.